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CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder

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Walter Vision Tool & Cutter Grinder
Max Grind Length
Max Grind Diameter 12.6"
X-Axis Travel
Y-Axis Travel
Z-Axis Travel
+ 200 deg
600 ipm
Power 40 HP
Grinding wheel diameter
Equipped With:
HMC 600 Control
Cartridge Filtration
Mist Collector 

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About Walter Vision

The Walter Vision has even more rigid mineral cast machine
bed with very good vibration dampening ensures that the highly dynamic drive acts optimally on the grinding wheel and its extremely low temperature sensitivity makes the grinding process particularly stable. The high precision
CNC tool grinding machine can grind lengths of up to 14.6” on the perimeter and provides optimum conditions for grinding rotationally symmetrical tools in production and/or resharpening facilities. The scope includes the efficient
production of milling cutters, drills, levels tools, wood working tools, profile blades or profile tools from any commercially available materials such as HM, HSS, ceramic, Cermet and CBN. The machine for the processing of long
drills and tight between top tools, such as E.g. large hobbing cutter is ideal. All five CNC axes are equipped with linear drives and are controlled by the integrated high resolution measurement systems. They create exact movements while at the same time creating high dynamics. This Walter grinder tool grinding machine has a rotary axis C with a torque drive for the highest accuracy and durability. And a rotary axis A as a torque motor with a maximum of 750 min-1. For extended functionality, such as precise profile grinding or background lines. A grinding wheel changer is included in the standard equipment. With a capacity of 12 or 24 stations, it can be used to replicate
the grinding performance. The powerful, directly powered motor spindle with a spindle end and 35 KW spindle power is directly attached to the C-axis.