Used Studer S21 Cylindrical CNC Grinder

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Used Studer S21 Cylindrical Grinder 
Year 2004
Max Swing 9.8"
Center Height
Center Distance 15.7"
Max Weight 66 lbs
B - Axis Auto
Wheel Size 16" x 1.5" x 5"
Wheel Head Power 7.5 HP
Equipped With:
ID Spindle
Movamatic Guaging
Length Position Probe
Paper Filtration System
Cartridge Filtration
Rotary Swing Down Dresser 
Single Point Dresser
Frequency Converter
Automatic Wheel Balancing
Ring Sensitron

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About Studer S21 Grinder

The Studer S21 is designed for the grinding of workpieces in individual as well as small and large series production operations. With the high-resolution B-axis of 0.0001 deg
you can grind cylindrical and conical parts in a single clamping, saving changeover time. The versatile universal cylindrical Used Studer S21 grinding machine is designed for grinding small workpieces in customized as well as small
and large batch production. It is produced in series, is expandable and can be adapted precisely to the demands made on it. The swiveling wheel head enables the external, internal and form grinding of workpieces in a single
clamping. The wheel head is equipped with a coolant-cooled, motor spindle mounted on roller bearings, with infinite variable speed control. The versatile universal work head enables both live spindle grinding and grinding between centers. The machine can also be fitted with a specially designed chuck work head for chuck applications. The longitudinal and cross slides are manufactured from high quality cast iron and have highly precise, ground V and flat guideways, with the distance between the guideways optimally suited to the machine’s overall rigidity. The used Studer S21 can be automated and is especially suitable for grinding high-precision workpieces, as required by the aerospace, precision mechanics and hydraulic pneumatic sectors.