Used Anca RX7

Tool Cutter Grinder

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Anca RX7 Tool Grinder
X - Axis .0000039"
Y .0000039"
Z .0000039"
C .0001 deg / .001 deg
A .0001 deg / .001 deg
Max Tool Diameter 9.4"
Workpiece Weight 44 lbs
Grinding Wheel Diameter 8"
Main Spindle Motor 26 HP
Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm
Equipped With:
Transor Filtration
Mist Collector
Pop up steady rest
Anca Software release 32.1-1
Burr, Compound Shear, Endmill
Step Drill/Step Tool, Hertel SE
Hertel TF, Multi Drill Gash,
Seco Point, Profile, Kland
Side Face and Cutter, I balance

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