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Anca TGX CNC Tool Grinder
Year 2000
Max Grinding Diameter 13.8"
Max Grinding Length  30"
24 HP
X Axis Travel 30"
Y Axis Travel
Z Axis Travel
Wheel Diameter 7.7"
Max RPM 8,000 RPM

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About Studer S33 Grinder

Although the machine's structure lends itself well to large tool-manufacturing it also is designed to resharpen complex cutter geometries. ANCA advancements in controls, software, work holding, drive systems, and wheel spindles gives tooling manufacturers plenty of flexibility. It is the ideal tool and cutter grinder for different short-run jobs. The TGX software system simultaneously controls up to 20 axes. It incorporates 32 Mbyte of memory and a 1.44 Gbyte hard disk. A valued option incorporated is the ability for the Anca TGX to use multiple grinding wheels with it’s advanced wheel changer technology. Combining digital drives with direct-drive axes eliminates gears, and belts, along with the related issues that arise from belt wear and backlash. Anca is one of the world's leading industrial grinding manufacturers of CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders including selling many TGX tool and grinder machine tools worldwide.