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Used Walter Tool Sales

At J.S. Peters Machinery Sales, we specialize in the sale of used Anca tool Grinders. With over 25 years experience in the new and used machine tool business, we know what it takes to buy - sell  used ancagrinders for sale

High-tech Machinery

Our expertise is in the technology side of the business - if it's 5-axis CNC, late model, loading robots and the latest technology, we know just what that machine can do and where to acquire it.

Applications Engineering

Our approach to the sale of used Anca is unique in that we provide applications and process solutions rather than just used machine tools. Our customers rely on us for applications engineering.  We help our customers in defining the process and the right used walter grinder for their specific application.


Call: 440- 546-1077

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ANCA RX7 Tool and Cutter Grinder, 2005
     used Anca Tool Grinder

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X-Axis .0000039"
  Y-Axis .0000039"
  Z-Axis .0000039"
  C-Axis .0001 deg / .001 deg
  A-Axis 0001 deg / .001 deg
Max Tool Diameter 9.4"
Max Workpiece Weight 44 lbs
Grinding Wheel Diameter 8"
Main Spindle Motor 26 HP
Spindle Speed 10000 rpm
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Equipped With: Transor Filtration
Mist Collector
    Pop up steady rest - steady bed
All Available Tooling and manuals
Anca Software release 32.1-1
Burr, Compound Shear, Endmill
Step Drill/Step Tool, Hertel SE
Hertel TF, Multi Drill Gash,
    Seco Point, Profile, Kland,
    Side Face and Cutter, I balance